Pilgrim Meal with Friends

15 October 2018

Today was a 21 kilometer walk from Astorga to Rabanal del Camino in light to misting rain. The temperature ranged from about 39 to 50, so it was comfortable to walk in.

I walked solo.

At the Albergue, I saw Eileen and Maggie (Maggie complaining that Eileen had decided they would walk an additional 5k). I also saw Rena and we agreed to walk together early tomorrow to Cruz de Ferro (The Iron Cross). She also provided a good recommendation for a restaurant dinner that I went to, an excellent pilgrim meal.

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On the Way to Astorga

14 October 2018

It was a rainy solo hike today.  The rain was sometimes stinging, but still a pretty walk.

The bridge in the photo has a great story. A Spanish gentleman had been turned down by his love.  To retain his honor he challenged men to a joust on the bridge. Over time he successfully beat 300 challengers, at which point he felt he proved his honor and could now forget the woman.

Astorga was very interesting. On the day I arrived, they were recreating a battle from the Napoleonic wars from the early 1800s.  More than 300 soldiers from the Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English armies were parading around in historical garb. It was quite a sight and everyone was proud of their uniforms! 

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A Holiday in Leon

11 October 2018

Today I walked 27 km from Bercianos to Mansilla de las Mulas. The first hour I walked with Rena until sun up around 8:30. She is the one from California who, recently retired, is checking off her bucket list. She is a consummate planner – she already has her travels for the next year figured out.  

It rained some today which really turned out ok. The rain came from the side, not at me, so I was protected.

One can concentrate and pray more with the rain.  

Pilgrim Tom

Mansilla was a nicer town, and I had a great meal. The Albergue was nice and I saw several familiar faces.

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