It May Sound Corny But…

16 October 2018

Rabanal to Ponferrada was 33 kilometers and included a stop at the famous Cruz de Ferro. 

Today was beautiful and exhausting with some high points from the trip. I woke early with the objective of getting to the Cruz de Ferro at sunrise. It took longer to pack than planned, so I started about 15 minutes later than I wanted. As a result, Bridget and Rena started ahead and I ended up seeing them only briefly at Cruz de Ferro.    

The first 8 kilometers was uphill through a narrow path to Cruz de Ferro – an iron cross that is the highest elevation of the Camino. It is considered one of the spiritual highlights of the journey. Here people leave stones with names / messages / requests of personal nature. Often it is to request help getting mentally past something.   

I got there shortly after sunrise.

It may sound corny but the intention at the Cruz de Ferro works! I personally found that about an hour later my mind had cleared in a positive fashion. The entire walk to Molinaseca was beautiful!

The normal walk is 26 kilometers to the town Molinaseca, but I had decided in advance to go for Ponferrada, about 7 kilometers further. Molinaseca is a beautiful medieval town, but I just walked through. The last stretch to Ponferrada was very plain along roads and I could have skipped it. I stayed at a big Albergue but saw no familiar faces.

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