I’m in the Clouds

18 October 2018

28 kilometers…

All is well and somewhat cold here – low 40s to maybe 50.  Today was a hard walk – similar in difficulty to my first day on the Camino. I may have walked 28 km but it felt like 40 km with a lot of climbing.

The walk was primarily through narrow valleys, fairly flat until the end when we had to climb about 1,500 feet over the course of about 7 km. Still, the walk was pleasant, pretty, and quiet.

I’ve been drinking orange + carrot juice along the way and it has been very peaceful. That said, I’ve hit the wall on eating eggs.


Today for about two hours on the way to O Cebreiro, there was a man and a woman walking behind me. They were not a couple and the woman talked incessantly — more in two hours than most people talk in two weeks.

I kept trying to walk faster but I could not lose them so eventually, I purposely walked slower so they would pass and I didn’t have to hear this Babel forever. As they walked by I could hear her talking about beating up her brother, being violent, and that she is divorced. I’m glad I was not in that conversation. She needs to be on a different Camino.

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