I Am Here!

25 October 2018

Statue on hill overlooking Santiago.
The cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where the relics of St. James are kept.

I started from O’Pino at 6:15 am with the goal of attending the noon mass in Santiago over 20 kilometers away, knowing I would stop for photos along the way. It was dark the first few hours and I walked mostly through woodland paths. Around 9 am the morning broke and I enjoyed a very pretty walk.

Around 10 I got a view of Santiago, plus stopped at the monument for remembrance and photos. I arrived at about 11:15 and went to the cathedral. I saw a few familiar faces there including Naomi from South Africa who was the flamenco dancer. I had not seen her for over about 3 weeks.

I sat on the side so the pot of incense would swing over me. It was a moving experience.

After mass I got my certificate and then went to my hotel México. I saw and spoke with Keith from England and also saw some familiar Asian pilgrims. All were happy.

It was great to have my own bath and bedroom! I later went to a well rated but disappointing restaurant for dinner.

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