First Order of Business

26 October 2018

The first order of business was to ship extra items back to States but I quickly concluded shipping one of the backpacks back was way too expensive.

On my disappointed walk back to the hotel I thought of checking whether the smaller backpack would fit inside the larger one. I would still ship items back but without that backpack. The idea worked! Shipping was now reasonable.

I went to church again at noon and did see a few more familiar faces, including the two nuns and Rena. Later, I ran into Rena and Bridget. Bridget was going to the credential office so that hers would be stamped with October 26 – her 52nd birthday! Rena said several were going to meet Saturday night at 7pm for dinner. I gave it a lot of thought but decided to stick with my plan of renting a car Saturday morning and drive to Finisterre to complete my mission. I liked the weather forecast and I believe it was the right decision.

I went to another highly rated restaurant and it was okay – not my definition of great. Another Santiago restaurant disappointment.

October 27 Saturday. I rented a Seat hatchback this morning and drove a “scenic” route to Finisterre. True to google maps I ended up on some obscure dirt “roads”. I got some beautiful photos on the way. Once in Finisterre I went to the lighthouse which in old times represented the westernmost “end of the world” for Spain. There I celebrated the journey completion and released the final ashes. It was interesting driving to the lighthouse- I passed many pilgrims who had elected to walk from Santiago. They all had a peaceful look on their face. That night for dinner I went to a restaurant on the waterfront which made my “worst restaurant” list.

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