Best Albergue Ever

29 October 2018

I began the day in Finisterre in the Pension Cabo. Overall Finisterre town was ok. I liked the restaurant Etel and Pan for its aioli. 

I checked out of Cabo at 9:30 am, loaded my bag into the rental car (a seat hatchback that I really liked), and got in. Just then Naomi from South Africa knocked on my car window! She was there with a girlfriend from South Africa and they had done the 3-day walk from Santiago and arrived yesterday. Today they were headed to the lighthouse.

It was great to talk to her. She had seen several familiar people back in Santiago. She gets the award for the most persistent walker. The others of us declared victory at Santiago. She is going to Muxia tomorrow.

I drove the scenic and obscure coastline drive today to Muxia. After checking into the fantastic Albergue (best of trip, cost is 15 euro) and then eating breakfast, I took an additional drive further up the coastline and came away extremely impressed. It is similar to the northeastern coast of the USA, perhaps even prettier.

I am now back at the Albergue drinking a Franziskaner Weissbier. The town is pretty deserted and since it is Monday many stores and restaurants are closed. Tomorrow I will get up early and drive to Santiago, return the car, and catch the train to Madrid which will arrive around 6 pm. I will see Madrid on Wednesday and Thursday and fly to Casablanca on Friday.

These dogs literally refused to move so I had to reroute.

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