A Walk in the Mist

17 October 2018

Today I walked 33 kilometers from Ponferrada to Viilafranca del Bierzo, with mist or fog almost the entire way. It actually made for a very pleasant walk since it was comfortably cool and not too sunny.

I walked through vineyards much of the time and have pictures of grapes still on the vine.  

There was also an American group taking a bus to certain places, getting off and hiking for a little bit, and then getting back on the bus to go further and find another place to hike from. I understand the group had people from Texas. I did not talk to them much other than to say hello as I went by.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that Spanish women talk very loud. I don’t like to walk ahead or behind them


My hostel was excellent after such a long walk. It was in the town of Villafranca del Bierzo. In the hostel room was Juan Manuel from Spain. He is married and has children. I saw him during today’s walk a couple of times. He is going beyond where I’m staying today.

Then there was Bo from Copenhagen, Denmark. His wife hurt herself so she’s meeting him further up the Camino.

I also saw Jim from Melbourne, Australia. He had hurt his eye badly the day before in a fall, so he was going to rest for an extra day. He has done the Camino multiple times.

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